Wendy Williams Net Worth 2021

Wendy Williams is one of the most talented public figures of the United States of America. This multi-talented persona has diversified her career with acting on several television series and films,  hosting television and radio shows, writing fiction and non-fiction books, producing lots of TV shows, and launching her own fashion products. 

She is best known for the most syndicated television show “The Wendy Williams Show“. 

How much is Wendy Williams' net worth?

Wendy Williams’ net worth is $70 million dollars.

How has she earned this wealth?

She has earned this huge amount of money by the grace of her miscellaneous profession. Approximately, 10 million of her annual income derives from the most renowned Wendy Williams Show.

Three of her highest-grossing movies which helped to increase her net worth are as follows. 

  • Think Like a Man     $96.1 million dollars
  • Think Like a Man Too   $70.2 million dollars 
  • The Cookout   $12.01 million dollars 

Wendy has a luxurious house in New Jersey, US worth of $1.5 million dollars. She also has two expensive cars.  

  • Aston Martin- $500,000 
  • Bentley Bentyaga- $240,000

Let's Take a Glance at Some Unknown Facts about Wendy Williams

  • Wendy is considered as the Queen of All Media. 
  • In 2019, she was struggling against the addition of alcohol and drugs. 
  • In the same year, she divorced her ex-husband, Kevin Hunter. 
  • In 2019, she talked about her lymphedema disease.

A Mini Biography of Wendy Williams

  • Her birth name is Wendy Joan Williams. 
  • Popularly known as Wendy Williams. 
  • She was born on 18th July 1964 in Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA. 
  • Thomas Williams Sr. and Shirley Williams are parents of Wendy Williams. 
  • By nationality, she is an American.
  • She belongs to Afro-American ethnicity. 
  • She believes in the Christian religion. 
  • Cancer is her zodiac sign.
  • She has been divorced with her ex-husband Kevin Hunter in 2019. 
  • He is now 56 years old. 
  • Physical factors.

Wendy Williams' Early Life

Wendy was born to Thomas Williams Sr. and Shirley Williams on the 18th day of July 1964. She is the second child of her parents. She has two siblings named Wanda Williams and Thomas Williams Jr.

Though her birthplace is Asbury Park, New Jersey, she spent most of her childhood in the wayside section of Ocean Township. 

Educational Background of Wandy Williams

After moving to Ocean Township, Wendy attended Ocean Township High School.  Later, she enrolled herself at Northeastern University, situated in Boston, Massachusetts, in the year of 1982.  

In 1986, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from that university. During the college years, she got popularity for her perfect radio presentation and was a DJ of the college radio station, WRBB. 

Wendy Williams

Wandy Williams' Personal Life

Wandy Williams’ first husband was Robert Morris (III) whom she met in 1992. Before getting married in 1994,  they were in a relationship of two years. Unfortunately, their marriage came to an end after one year. 

Wandy got into a new relationship with Kevin Hunter in the same year. After a short period, they tied the knot on 30 November 1997. Together they have a son called Kevin Hunter Jr. 

But the couple officially separated from each other in 2019.

Wendy Williams' Career on Radio

Wendy started her career on Radio with WVIS, situated in Virgin Island. Later, she joined as an alternative DJ at WRKS in New York City. Gradually, she found a chance of hosting afternoon programs at the Washington DC-based station WOL.  

Within a short period, she got much popularity and engaged as a full-time DJ. At that time, her responsibility was to host full time important drive-time. 

Afterwards, Wendy moved to NYC’s Hot 97 urban station. There she stayed from 1994 to 1998. But her career gained the highest advancements when she worked at a station in Philadelphia. Her frank and honest presentation style enhanced her popularity and took the station from 14th to 2nd position in ratings. 

In 2001, she engaged with WBLA.  While working at radio stations, she met face to face with Whitney Houston in a wild interview. And that was the most notable work of Wendy Williams. In 2009,  she left radio to pursue a career in television. 

The Wendy Williams Show

Wendy Williams is mainly famous for her own television show called  “The Wendy Williams Show”.  place. 

Debmar-Mercury produced that show with great creativity.  It was first launched in July 2008 and got huge applause for Wendy’s attractive hosting quality.  

Wendy relentlessly worked in the show for 10 seasons. Unfortunately,  she had to take a short break from the show because of Graves’ disease. But very soon on March 4, 2019, she returned to her own place. Now the show is celebrating its 12th season. 

As the popularity of the show was increasing day by day, Fox dealt with Debmar-Mercury to telecast the show nationally.  Later, The show was also broadcast on BET at night. 

In 2010,  BET International extended it to 54 different countries. 

 Every day, about 2.4 million viewers watch The Wendy Williams Show.  In November 2015, the show raised to the first position in the demographic of women 25- 54 in the US.

Wendy Williams' Career in Television and Film Industry

Wendy Williams started her career on television through acting in an episode of TV series “Martin ”. 

After that, she appeared in some other series including  New York Uncover(1995), One Life to Live (2011), 30 Rock (2012), Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade (2016). 

Besides television, Wendy has shown her excellence in several Hollywood films. Some of them are as follows. 

  • The Cookout [2004] 
  • Think Like a Man [2012]
  • Think Like a Man 2 [2014]
  • Mike and Dave Need Wedding Date [2016] 

Various television shows like Drop Dead Diva (2011) and The Face (2013) were blessed to have Wendy as their judge.

Wendy Williams Revealed as Television Producer

Wendy Williams has expressed her creativity in the sector of production. 

In 2011, she along with her husband worked as executive producers of a game show called “Love Triangle (2011)”.  

In 2014, she performed the responsibilities of a famous television show “Celebrities Undercover” and the Lifetime Biopic “Aaliyah: The Princess of R&D.” 

In September 2015, documentary series “Death By Gossip With Wendy Williams” premiered under the production Wendy.

Besides producing,  she hosted the sequel as well.

Author Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams has uncovered another form of hers through writing some fiction and non-fiction books.

  • Wendy’s Got the Heal (2003)
  • The Wendy Williams Experience (2005)
  • Ask Wendy: Straight-up Advice for All the Drama in Your Life (2013) 
  • Drama in Her Middle Name (2006) 
  • Is the Bitch Dead, Or What? (2007)
  • Ritz Harper Goes to Hollywood! (2009)
  • Hold Me in Contempt: A Romance (2014)

Fashion Designer Wendy Williams

This multi-talented woman has her own line of dresses which she launched under a partnership with the Home Shopping Network (HSN). 

HSN expressed that this line was the most-watched premiere of the network. This dress line includes pants, sweaters, and skirts. 

Wendy also owns a line of jewellery, sold on the Home Shopping Network QVC. 

Recognition of Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams got the National Hall of Fame in 2009. Besides, she was nominated for the 44th & 46th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards under the category of Outstanding Talk Show Host. 

On 17th October 2019, Wendy obtained the 2,677th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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