Rob Thomas Net Worth 2021

Rob Thomas is one of the highly famous singer-songwriters of the United States of America. 

He is best known to be the leading singer of the favourite rock band “Matchbox 20“. Besides performing in groups, this hot singer made solo appearances in many albums. Among them, “Lonely No More (2005)” is the most successful one. 

Moreover, he is the winner of Three Grammy Awards for co-writing as well as singing the song,  Smooth. 

How much is Rob Thomas net worth?

Rob Thomas net worth is 20 million dollars.

How has he earned this wealth?

Mainly, Rob Thomas has made this massive wealth from his musical career. To be a part of the famous American band “Matchbox 20”, he recorded lots of albums. Besides, he has many solo albums recorded. 

Some of his highest-earning songs are as follows: 

  • Yourself or Someone Like You- $14,000,000 
  • Mad Season- $5,000,000
  • A Night in the Life of Matchbox Twenty- $2,140,000
  • Something to Be- $1,400,000 
Besides music, brand endorsement and sponsorship were alluring income sources of Rob Thomas. 

A Mini Biography of Rob Thomas

  • His birth name is Robert Kelly Thomas. 
  • He is popularly known as Rob Thomas. 
  • He was born on 14th February 1972 in Landstuhl, West Germany. 
  • By nationality, he is a German- American. 
  • He belongs to German ethnicity. 
  •  Aquarius is his zodiac sign.
  • He is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist by profession. 
  • Marisol Maldonado is his lovely wife whom he married in 1996. 
  • He celebrated his 48th birthday on 14th February 2020. 
  • Physical factors:


1.72 meters


82 kg

Rob Thomas' Early Life

Rob Thomas was born on the 14th day of February 1972 in Landstuhl, West Germany.

His father, Bill Thomas, was a Sergeant of the United States Army. One the other hand, his mother, Manie, was a housewife. At the time of Thomas’ six years old, his whole family moved to the US.  He had a half-sister called Melissa with them. 

His parents broke up when he was just a two-year-old little boy. Then the family became helpless. And Manie took shelter at her mother’s house in Lake City, South Carolina with her daughter and baby son.

When Thomas reached ten years old, his mother took them to Sarasota, Florida. And then they settled in the Orlando area where Thomas passed his early youth. 

Rob Thomas Net Worth

Educational Background of Rob Thomas

To have schooling, Thomas first enrolled at the Brantley High School. This institution is situated in the Orlando suburb of Altamonte Springs. 

Unfortunately, he had to leave school because of the disarray of his everyday life. However, he earned a GED later.

During his high school days,  he was attracted to a girl and joined the choir just to impress her. But the choir teacher found something special in that young boy and inspired him to give more effort. Gradually, he got involved with the music world, and his life just turned amazingly.

Let's Take a Glance at Some Bitter Facts about Rob Thomas' Early Years

  • Rob Thomas grew addicted to heroin by his grandmother, who was a dealer of moonshine and marijuana drugs as well as a bad alcoholic. 
  • Besides his grandmother, his mother had an alcohol addiction. 
  • His mother, Manie, often beat him badly being obsessed with alcohol. 
  • Manie loved wild parties and often arranged this kind of party in her living room. 
  • It was quite shocking for Thomas to see his mother in an unexpected situation with a dozen strangers in his own home. 
  • His mother died of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma when he was too young. 
  • At the age of 17, this famous singer-songwriter spent two months behind bars with the charge of stealing Camaro.

Rob Thomas' Personal Life

Rob Thomas and Marisol Maldonado first met with each other at an afterparty, arranged in Montreal, through a familiar friend.  At that very moment, they fell in love and continued their relationship via phone calls and messages. 

At last, the couple turned their relationship into marriage on 2nd October 1996. ABC network telecast their wedding on Celebrity Weddings in Style. 

Thomas had a son from his previous relationship with Maison Eudy. His son’s name is Maison Avery Williams Thomas, born on 10th July 1998. 

Music Career of Rob Thomas

Rob Thomas passed a terrible period during his early childhood and most of his youth. Over time,  he could overcome all of his childhood hardships. 

He once met with some music lovers called  Brian Yale,  Paul Doucette, Jay Stanley and John Goff. Then with everyone’s agreement, they started a music band, namely Tabita’s Secret in 1993. This band was Orlando based and often performed in bars and nightclubs. 

Thomas was the primary writer of this band. His very first song “3 A.M.”, about the moments to take care of his dying mother,  was performed by this band. 

At a point, Thomas got an offer from a record producer. As a result, he broke the band to grasp the enormous opportunity. By giving tremendous efforts, he has gifted lots of excellent albums and singles to his fans. 

Rob Thomas Net Worth 2021

Discography of Rob Thomas

  • Four studio album 
  • Eight music videos
  • Two extended plays
  • Seventeen singles
  • Two featured singles

Thomas’ first solo studio album titled “Something to Be” reached the number- one position on the US Billboard 200. Besides, it was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.  This album contained Top-10  songs by Thomas.

Among them, Lonely No More ascended the sixth number on the Billboard Hot 100. It also earned gold certification from the Recording Industry Association.

Again in 2009, Thomas came with a new studio album called Cradlesong.  It rose to the third position on the Billboard 200 and got the gold certification. This album gifted four memorable songs to music lovers. Amongst the single “Her Diamond” proved the second Top 40 Singles of that year. 

He also appeared in two featured songs of Santana’s album namely “Smooth (1999)” and Sunshine of Your Love (2010). 

Besides records, Rob Thomas made some tours during his musical career. 

  • Something to Be Tour (2005-2006) 
  • Cradlesong Tour (2009-2010)
  • The Great Unknown Tour (2015-2016) 

Rob Thomas and Matchbox 20

After the breakup of Tabita’s Secret, Thomas, Doucette and Yale formed a new band namely “Matchbox 20” with two other co-artist. 

The first album of this rock band was Yourself or Someone Like You (1999). It earned 12 times platinum in the Us. In the following year, another album came titled “Mad Season” whose lead single topped the chart. 

In 2002, “More Than You Think You Are” was released as the third album from this band. 

Awards and Achievements

Rob Thomas has been recognised many times for his extraordinary performances. 

In 1999, he won the honour of songwriter of the year for the song “Smooth”. Again in 2000, he was addressed Top Hot Adult Contemporary Artist. 

Besides Thomas, his songs also earned many recognitions. Three of his award-winning songs are “3 A.M., Push, and Real World.” 

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