kirk franklin Net Worth 2021

Kirk Franklin is one of the richest artists in gospel music history, having about 8.5 million dollars. He earned in millions by his gospel music recordings. During his musical life, he has contributed to singing and choir directing with a sense of music theory. Moreover, He has written some bestselling books as a person of religious outlooks.

How much is Kirk Franklin Net Worth?

Kirk Franklin Net Worth $8.5 Million Dollars.

Some factors to know about Kirk Franklin

  • His full name is Kirk Dewayne Franklin, fans know him as Kirk. 
  • His zodiac sign is Aquarius.
  • By nationality, he is an American.
  • His ethnicity is Afro-American.
  • He believes in Christian religious views.
  • He is a “5 feet 5 inch” well healthy man with dark-brown eyes and black hair.

The Early life of Kirk Franklin

Kirk Franklin was born on 26th January 1970 in Fort Worth, Texas. After his birth, he was  rejected by his mother affection. However, his great aunt, Gertrude took the responsibility of his upbringings Since then, Franklin was grown up within the deep religious household by Gertrude. 

His aunt took all the toil to give him proper education of morality and values by admitting him in a Church. Even noticing Franklin’s interest in music, she arranged piano lessons for him at the age of four. 

Kirk Franklin's Teenage

Despite staying under the tide supervision of the church, he kept expressing his rebellious attitude from the early teenage. For his stubbornness, he faced lots of trouble during his entire teen years. 

He was expelled from the Oscar Dean Wyatt High School after impregnating his girlfriend at the age of 15. However, At one point in his teenage, he realised his misdeeds and returned to the church to direct the choir.

Family life of Kirk Franklin

In 1996, Kirk was married to his long-time best friend, Tammy Collins. She is also a singer. They have four children. Two sons Kerrion Franklin, Caziah Franklin. Two daughters Carrington Franklin and Kennedy Franklin.Where Kerrion and Carrington are step-siblings. With the help of his beloved wife, he has overcome all of his past difficulties. 

Starting of Career of Kirk Franklin

At the very beginning of his career, he dedicated to direct a gospel group at his church named ” the Humble Heart”. Once a gospel music legend, Milton Biggham, heard a recording of one of his composed songs. 

Promptly being impressed on Franklin gave him an offer to lead the DFW Mass Choir in the recording of “Every Day With Jesus”.  Furthermore, he was welcomed by Biggham to be the choir leader in the 1990 Gospel Music Workshop of America Convention. Thus, his journey was started to the glorious future.

Kirk Franklin (Mastermind of gospel music Group)

For the first time collaborating seventeen singers and musicians, Franklin formed “The Family” in 1992. It was his first voice choir. They started practising and producing songs. 

Later at the same year, the co-founder of GospoCentric label listened to their demo tapes and, being fascinated, instantly signed up a contract with Kirk and The family. Their first album, “Kirk Franklin and The Family” launched on 29 June 1993 and ranked on the Billboard Gospel Charts for 42 weeks.  The best collection of this group was “Watch Lookin’ 4”.  

The album was published in 1996.  Proved itself a commercial success having certified 2x platinum along with earning the first Grammy Award for Kirk Franklin. Afterwards, he formed many other groups like God’s Property, One nation Crew. 

Made songs and attained lots of applause both from religious song lovers and modern generation for his opacity.Some of the hit songs released by his groups are ” God’s Property from Kirk Franklin, The Nu Nation Project, Kirk Franklin Presents’ 1NC, Stomp etc.”

Solo performing life of Kirk Franklin

In 2000, Kirk Franklin decided to go for a solo performance and launched his single debut album. “Hero” is one of the successful solo albums, released in2005. Many other individual songs he has sung till now. Moreover, in 2013, he started his record label, “Fo Yo Soul Recording”.

Kirk Franklin's Net worth and annual salary

During his 30-year music profession, he earned ¢8.5 million mainly by his recordings and stage performance. Millions of records have already been launched by him and got immense popularity. Some of those are

  • In 2002, made 0.5 million dollars from “The Rebirth of Kirk Franklin.”
  • His album “Hero” earned him 1 million dollars in 2005.
  • In 2011, gained 0.5 million dollars from the “Hero Fear” album sales.

Along with this sector, he got more earnings from his bestseller books. “The BluePrint: A Plan for Living Above Life’s Storm” is one of them. Franklin is also the author of many other best reader books. 

Moreover, he has hosted “Sunday Best, American Bible Challenge”. With long professional life, Kirk Franklin has become one of the listed or reported millionaire artists of the U.S.A. Still, his yearly income is not in the records.


Awards and accomplishment of Kirk Franklin

This living legend has achieved many awards for the recognition of his revolutionary works. We are providing a list of some.

Name of Awards

Number of Awards 

Grammy Awards


American Music awards


Stellar Awards


Dove Awards 


NAACP Awards 


BET Music Awards


Soul Train Awards


He also gained the 2012 BMI Trailblazer of Gospel Award along with Bishop Hezekiah Walker.

Kirk Franklin is now 50 years old. We hope much more great works from this genius person.

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