Kevin Hunter Net Worth 2021

Kevin Hunter is the second spouse of renowned host Wendy Williams.

Apart from this, Kevin has also earned a space of his own in the television industry as a television producer.  “Wendy Williams Project“,  “Queen of Media”, and ” Love Triangle” are the best works of his career. 

How much is Kevin Hunter's net worth?

Kevin Hunter’s net worth is $12 million dollars . 

How has he earned this money?

Mainly,  he has earned this wealth working as co-executive producer of the famous Wendy Williams Show. 

Besides, his working as an executive producer in other television shows also helped to boost up his net wealth. Moreover, he grossed a handsome amount of money to be the manager of his ex-wife Wendy Williams. 

Kevin Hunter

A Mini Biography of Kevin Hunter

  • His birth name is Kevin Hunter. 
  • He was born on 17th September 1972 in Ontario, Canada. 
  • By nationality, he is a Canadian. 
  • He belongs to a Canadian-American ethnicity.
  • Virgo is his zodiac sign.
  • He believes in Christianity.
  • By profession, he is a television producer. 
  • He is the ex-husband of famous host Wendy Williams. 
  • He is now 48 years old. 
  • Physical factors.

Kevin Hunter's Early Life

Kevin Hunter was born on 17th September 1972 in Ontario, Canada.  There is rarely any information about his parents,  siblings,  and upbringing. But it’s found that he originates from Canada. As a result, he has a combination of Canadian and American ethnic.  

Kevin Hunter's Struggle Before marrying with Wendy Williams

As far as the information revealed about Kevin Hunter, we have come to know that he operated a hair salon at the very beginning of his life. He was also a  раrtу рrоmоtеr before he met with Wendy Williams.

Depending on his own effort, he got the post of Wendy’s manager. Kevin satisfactorily performed his managerial duty on Wendy’s famous TV show,  The Wendy Williams Show. 

At last, Kevin earned the title of Wendy’s husband on 30 November 1997. 

Marriage of Kevin Hunter & Wendy Williams

Kevin Hunter used to work as the manager of Wendy Williams. Gradually, they became closer and at last got married on November 30, 1997. The couple has enjoyed more than two decades of married life. 

Together they have one son called Kevin Hunter Jr. The baby was born after three years of their wedding on August 18, 2000. 

However, the couple was facing huge trouble because of Kevin’s extra-marital affairs. Eventually, they fell apart after toiling a lot in 2919. Wendy Williams officially separated from Kevin. Hunter. 

Professional Life of Kevin Hunter

Kevin Hunter got the turning point of his life when he became acquainted with famous radio presenter, Wendy Williams. Wendy appointed him at the post of her manager. 

Kevin performed the most important duties of the most syndicated TV show of  “The Wendy Williams Show”. In this show, he was the executive producer and his wife, Wendy hosted the whole show. 

However, Kevin produced some television series including  “Wendy Williams Project”, “Queen of Media”, and ” Love Triangle”. 

In 2010, he launched an аutоbіоgrарhу lоvе ѕtоrу named  Јаggеr’ѕ Rеvоlutіоn. Later, a sequel of this love story was also released under his production. 

Moreover, Wendy and Kevin have their own reality television company called The Wendy Williams Productions.

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