Jim Brown Net Worth 2021

Jim Brown is a former football player of America who primarily played for the Cleveland Browns of the National Football League(NFL). He is also a famous actor and film producer. 

Film lovers mostly adore him for his famous movie “100 Rifles”. He has introduced himself in the field of real estate business as well. Moreover, in the present years, he is trying to present himself as a motivational speaker. 

How much is Jim Brown's net worth?

Jim Brown’s net worth is $50 million dollars

How has he earned this money?

Actually, he has earned the biggest portion of his wealth by acting in Hollywood movies.  During his acting career, he featured in more than 30 movies. Most of them were commercial successes. It is quite interesting that he earned $200,000 from his critically famous movie, 100 Rifles and $125,000 for the film, The split.

Furthermore, it is estimated that Jim accumulated almost $400,000 dollars in his short sports life. He is also fortunate with investment in real estate business that has added extra value to his revenues.

A Short Biography of Jim Brown

  • His real name is James Nathaniel Brown.
  • Popularly known as Jim Brown.
  • He was born on 17 February 1936 in St. Simons, Georgia, U.S.A.
  • He is a former football player, actor, film producer, real estate investor, athlete, and motivational speaker, by profession.
  • By nationality, he is an American.
  • Afro-American is his ethnicity.
  • His zodiac sign is Aquarius.
  • He was non-religious.
  • He is now 84 years old.
  • Marital Status, married.
  • Physical Factors


1.88 meters


105 kg

Hair Color

No hair right now. (Bald)

Eye Color

Dark Brown

Jim Brown's Early Life

He was born on 17th February 1936 in St. Simons, Georgia. 

His father, Swinton Brown, was a professional boxer. His mother, Teresa Brown, was a housewife when he was too young. After two years of Jim’s birth, his father suddenly left home. Eventually, Teresa had to leave for New York in search of a job. At that time, Jim was grown up by his grandmother at St. Simons. 

When he was eight years old, his mother called him to come to Manhasset, New York.It’s quite a pleasure that he was kept in a society of racism-free in childhood.

jim brown biography

Sports Records of Jim Brown during Student Life

At the very beginning, he was admitted to Manhasset Secondary School for education. But he was greatly passionate about sports from boyhood. So, during his school life, he remained active in various types of games like football, baseball, basketball, tracks, and lacrosse. 

However, he attained prosperity in athletics when he was attending Syracuse University. He fulfilled 14 touchdowns and 133 rushing yards while playing for his college team named Syracuse Orangemen Football Team. It was an unbreakable record of that time.

Besides, he was the second-best scorer in the basketball team. Even, he was so good at lacrosse that if he wanted, he could make a glorious future in that game also.

Jim Brown's Personal Life

His first wife was Sue Brown. They got married to each other in September 1959. During their spousal life, the couple went through lots of difficulties and at last, their relationship came to an end in 1972. Jim has three kids from his ex-wife, named Kim Brown, Kevin Brown, and Jim N. Brown Jr.

However, he had a knot with Monique Brown at the age of 60 years in 1997. Jim is blessed with two offspring named Aris Brown and Karen Brown from his present wife. 

Football Career of Jim Brown

At the time of NFL draft selection, Jim Brown was taken in the Cleveland Browns in 1957. His first game for the Cleveland Browns was against the Los Angeles Rams and it was the ninth game of the rookie season. 

In this game, he rushed for 237 yards and set an NFL single-game record that remained shatterproof for 14 years. That was also a rookie record that stayed for 40 years. Throughout his nine-year football career with Cleveland Browns, Jim left some records behind.

  • Rushing yards- 12312
  • Receiving yards- 2499
  • Yards per carrying- 5.2
  • Receptions- 262
  • Rushing touchdowns- 106
  • Receiving touchdowns- 20
However, he departed from the Cleveland Browns in 1965 and moved on to the acting profession.

Jim Brown in Acting

Jim Brown stepped on the ground of Hollywood movies by his debut action film Rio Conchos in 1964. In this movie, he was characterized as a buffalo soldier. The movie premiered at Cleveland’s Hippodrome Theatre on October 23, 1964. 

After that, he was featured in more than 30  movies and some TV series. Several movies in which he played the leading characters are as follows.

Name of Movies



Dark of the Sun



The Split





Cully Briston

100 Rifles





Roy Kenner



Jimmy Price

El Condor



Slaughter Black Gunn



Slaughter’s Big Rip-off



The Slams


Curtis Hook

I Escaped from Devil’s Islam


Le Bras

Three the Hard Way


Jimmy Lait

Take a Hard Ride






Pacific Inferno 


Clyde Preston 

One Down Two to Go



Awards and Accomplishments

Because of his amazing performance in the football world, Jim Brown was recognized many times with

  • Football Hall of Fame in college.
  • Best Bell Award in 1963.
  • NFL Rookie of the Year in 1963.
  • The greatest football player of all time by the Sporting News in 2002.
  • The greatest football player of all time by the New York Daily News in 2014.
  • Top 100: NFL’s greatest players by NFL network.

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