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Top Senior Cell Phone Plans

Phones With Easy Features- Specifically Meant For Senior Citizens

In modern world mobile phone is a primary requirement for any human being. You may be a teen, an office worker or maybe senior citizen, irrespective of your age you need a mobile phone. In today’s world having a landline connection at home is a rare thing. Mobile works as one of the best mode of communication among people. Teens and office workers may engage in different activities over the phone, but for a senior citizen mobile works for two main purposes –calling and messaging. Senior citizens face a real trouble to cope up with our fast changing world. This problem increases even more when it comes to upgrading electronic gadgets and their ever changing software. 

In this situation elderly persons require elderly phones to communicate with the world. What do you mean by Senior Phone and what are the key features of such phones? Senior phones are mobile phones typically designed for senior citizens, keeping in mind all the unique requirements that an elderly person can have. The key features that phone for seniors require are: 1. A hardy phone that doesn’t break apart if fallen from the hand. Elderly people can have shaky hands so this feature is mandate. 2. A phone that can be operated easily should be offered to seniors. They find it difficult if your phone requires tough commands and works on touch screen. 3. Bigger display screen with good background light is needed considering seniors’ eye sight. 4. They prefer reading larger fonts. So the phone should have a default setting of large font usage to prevent difficulty in reading. 5. The dial keys should be large enough. 6. One important feature should be SOS key in the phone so that elderly people can connect to others in emergency without much hassle.