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Amenities Options:

  • Health & Wellness Center

  • Community Cafeteria

  • Beautiful Garden

  • Safety & Security

  • Private Events

  • Entertainment Center

Luxury Senior Apts


There are several amenities that a person can get when they are living in the senior living apartment. The first one is a beauty salon and barber shop, where the residents can get their hair cut when they need it. The second one is a therapeutic whirlpool bath that will help a senior's bones when they get older. The third one is community outings. This is important because the seniors need to get out of the apartment to socialize sometimes. The fourth one is call system inside of the bedroom and the bathroom in case something happens and they need help. The last amenity is pharmacy services, where the person can get their medications filled without any problems.


There are several activities that you are going to want to look for in the active adult communities. The first activity is a fitness center, where the residents can do a variety of different exercises. The second activity is a personalized wellness program. These programs are customized for each person based on their health issues. The third activity is pet therapy. This is where the residents will be able to spend some time with animals like cats, dogs, and guinea pigs to help raise their spirit. The fourth activity is a walking club, where the residents will be able to walk with other people as a group in the local park and neighborhood. The last activity is performance art, where they can sing and dance.


There are some benefits of living in the low income senior housing. The first one of the benefits is that the person is never going to have to do any maintenance on the home or yard work. The second one of the benefits is that the person only has to pay one price a month for most of their living expenses. The third one of the benefits is that the person is going to be able to enjoy most of the amenities that are close to their home. The fourth one of the benefits is that the person will be able to make new friends that are going to have the same interests. The last one of the benefits is that you will be able to move while you are healthy.

Types of senior care apartments:

There are a few types of 55 retirement communities available. The first one of the types of senior apartments are the independent living, where independent seniors can enjoy an active lifestyle. The second type is the assisted living. This is a combination of housing in apartment style, social interaction that is organized, and private support services. The third type is a skilled nursing facility. This is a combination of rehabilitation facility along with a variety of different medical and nursing procedures that can be done if something goes wrong with the resident while they are living there. The fourth type is the continuous care retirement community. This is all of the levels of care inside of one property.