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What Are the BCBA Programs or the Online BCBA Certification Programs?

An ABA is an Applied Behavior Analyst. A BCBA is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Traditionally, the ABA provides behavior analysis to those individuals who need it. Some of the treatment may require some external help, especially with some of the tools being used. This is where the BCBA comes into play.

What about BCBA degrees? How can one tell the difference in the programs?

The people who hold the BCBA certification are board certified. They are accredited beyond the ABA level. They can provide both the ABA and the BCBA services. Think of the ABA certification in the same vane as having the Bachelor's Degree from a college or university. The BCBA is equal to the Master's degree where the person takes their training one step further.


Chad goes to school to become a trained ABA. Trevor goes to school to become both an ABA and a BCBA. Trevor is in a position to oversee the work Chad does as well as do his own. It is the difference between someone who only went to high school and someone who went all the way up on the education chain.

How can a person like Chad go about getting a BCBA certification online like Trevor did?

Chad has three options:

1) Chad has to complete an acceptable amount of time in his studies. This includes BCBA programs online. His program studies have to be in the area of Behavior Analysis. Chad also has to complete a suitable time period of practical experience under the guise of Behavior Analysis. This experience has to be supervised in order for it to count.

2) Chad needs to have a graduate level education completed. This is known as the Master's degree portion of the program. Chad also has to be working full-time in some kind of Behavior Analysis field, along with research and other studying. Chad also has to have his practical real-world experience in the field. This too has to be supervised.

3) Chad has to complete his education on the Doctoral level. This has to be within a 10-year period for it to count. His real-world practical experience has to be on a Doctoral level too.

At least one of these options has to happen for Chad to be considered applicable to take the BCBA exam. It is going to work out to Chad's benefit to have all three options under his belt, but at least one is a start.

The BCBA Exam

Chad has to submit all necessary documents when he is ready to take the exam. Chad may be meeting his requirements on at least one level or more, but he needs to pass the exam in order to be a certified BCBA. It is only then Chad will be considered a professionally certified BCBA.