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Active Adult Communities

At some point, it is likely you will have to consider an active adult community. An active adult retirement community is for seniors who are in good health and are able to live on their own. Whether you are looking into a retirement community for yourself, or assisting a loved one, there are several options to consider. 

There are many different types of facilities available for an over 55 community. The options include single-family homes, town homes, cluster homes, condo, multihousing and manufactured housing. Some communities also have the options of mobile home or motor home. 

Some important amenities available in 55 and over communities include more energy efficient homes that use insulation and better heaters which may not be found in a residential home. The 55 and over communities also include safety features non-slip bathtubs and fewer stairs. These are just a few of the amenities that create a home that accomodates the aging process. 

Senior communities are beneficial because they provide a environment for over 55 adults who enjoy low maintenance homes and a lifestyle full of social and physical activity. Active senior communities are practically maintenance free. Driveway care, lawn maintenance, housing repair, gardens, and leaf removal are usually taken care of by staff who are trained to take care of these tasks for the residents. 

Another benefit of living in a retirement community is most active adult communities are only a short distance from restaurants, shops, churches, theaters, and medical offices. Also, living in a 55 community means you are surrounded by people who are in the same stage of life, and share many of the same concerns and interests and level of ability. Many times, those who live in an active adult community make friends whom they are close to for life. By having neighbors who are as close as family, there is the opportunity to give back, share hobbies, and create a sense of community and belonging. 

One of the most important benefits to living in a senior community are the available support services. If a resident becomes ill or is involved in an accident, there is help available. Some of the support services include housekeeping, meal preparation, running errands, pet care, and physical rehabilitation. 

There are many activities available at active senior communities. Though each community varies, there is usually a wide variety. Some of the activities may include swimming, biking, and golf. There are some communities where horseback riding, outdoor chess, dog parks, private beaches, and full-service spas. 

There are many benefits with a senior community, but before a decision is made, there are some aspects to consider. The first consideration should be if an independent living community is right for you. Perhaps you are in good health, like to be around your peers, and prefer an active lifestyle. If these qualities describe you, then you should consider the many options that active senior communities provide. You should do research taking into consideration cost, location, and benefits before decided on any community.